City Garden

You probably know what to expect from downtown Saint Louis. You take a trip up the Arch, see the Mississippi waterfront and possibly catch a Cardinals game. But there’s a secret tucked in the heart of downtown Saint Louis. A tiny garden, only a spanning a few blocks — if you’re not watching for it, you’ll probably pass it right by. This petite park is a great hangout spot for locals and travelers alike. Welcome to the City Garden.


Founded in 2007, the City Garden has works from some big-name and a few up-and-coming artists. Jim Dine, an artist whose work is also featured in the New York Met, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Montreal Museum of Art, created this Pinnochio-like statue for the garden. The pedestrian-only zone also features work from international artists like Aristide Maillol, Bernar Venet, and Igor Mitoraj.


The park is also a kid’s paradise. You can climb on the sculptures, splash in the fountains, and hop from rock to rock along the waterfall. There’s even a video screen that allows visitors to project their dances, walks, and silly faces on the big screen. The video wall also serves as a gathering place. Sometimes you can catch a Cardinals game and local indie films during the evenings.


The park also comes with views of downtown Saint Louis landmarks, from the Gateway Arch to the Old Courthouse. And during the holidays, the garden gets a winter makeover with twinkling lights.

The park is free to all visitors, and often is home to special events from video screenings to food truck gatherings. You can check the events page to see what’s happening soon. You can lounge on reclining rabbits, people watch, and enjoy the view surrounded by work from artists around the world — all in a tiny block of Saint Louis.


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