Rooster South Grand

Brunch is insanely popular in DC, but on a recent road trip stop in Saint Louis, I wanted to see what the Midwest had to offer. So when I heard about Rooster on South Grand, I had to check it out.

Guys, I think I’m in love.


To start off, the atmosphere at this place is just all-around fun. The main dining area is filled with giant tables that are perfect for large groups or offer a great way to get to know your neighbor. There’s a covered outdoor seating area, as well as an open-air patio, or a more secluded room for smaller parties if you want a more intimate space. There’s also a bar, quirky decor with — you guessed it — roosters, and a cabinet full of merchandise if you want to go public with your love for the place. So whether you want a spot to celebrate with friends or have a quiet brunch date, this place checks all the boxes.


Rooster is known for its delicious crepes — a French invention that is a mix between a savory pancake and a tortilla. Traditionally filled with ham and cheese, Rooster goes a step further with its take on the dish. Try the breakfast potato crepe with house made salsa, or the marinated spicy chicken. The menu also offers slingers (a twist on the traditional breakfast staples), as well as sweet crepes with Nutella or marshmallows for dessert.



And it would be irresponsible if you don’t try out some cocktails while you’re there. Trust me, I’m a blogger. Sure, the place offers Kaldi coffee (a Saint Louis staple), but you should really treat yourself with the fruity Pink Paloma margarita, or satisfy your sweet tooth with an Alexander the Crepe — boozy coffee and orange liqueur over vanilla ice cream.


So if you’re looking for a brunch spot, check out Rooster. You might even see me here next time I’m in the Lou. Like I said — I think I’m in love.

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