Papermoon Diner

I’d describe Baltimore as an industrial city. Factories make up a big chunk of its cityscape. There’s even a museum dedicated to manufacturing and construction. But underneath the rough exterior, Baltimore has a quirky underbelly. Case in point: Papermoon Diner.


You don’t have to worry about driving past this place. The restaurant is decorated with a vibrant assortment of colors and some pretty out-there decor. The yard is littered with colorful mannequins sporting some fashion-forward items — think shiny sequins, spoons, and lego pieces.


Walk inside, and the decor isn’t much different. Cracked baby dolls grin at you as they hang upside-down from the rafters, and knick-knacks and magnets crawl up the torso of armless mannequins. Slightly creepy? Most definitely. But also strangely fun.



It all started with a giant Pez dispenser collection, which sits behind a glass wall in the main entrance. The owners began collecting more and more items and finding a home for them in the restaurant. Our waitress informed us that people still donate their trinkets and larger items to the diner, but they aren’t likely to find a place in the already-packed establishment. There’s a warehouse behind the parking lot full of donated items that won’t fit in the restaurant.


You can say a lot about the eclectic decorations, but the food is worth a visit too. The menu has pages on pages of different items, ranging from breakfast to dinner. There’s something for every palate, whether you’re a fan of french toast, or sticking to a vegetarian diet with a buffalo tofu wrap. All delicious. Don’t skip out on the milkshakes either — go for the rich, chocolatey shake, or branch out and try the special. I had a sip of a honey ginger milkshake and holy cow, was it good.


So if you’re looking for good food and aren’t too freaked out by creepy dolls and mannequins, make sure you hit up the Papermoon Diner. This place is deliciously wacky.

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