Stone Street


New York City’s bustling financial district isn’t all about Wall Street. A short walk away from Battery Park lies the oldest paved road in the city — Stone Street.


Stone Street was one of the first roads built when the Big Apple was still New Amsterdam, in 1656. Known back then as Hoogh Straet, it became the first paved road in the city in 1658. After the colonists overthrew British rule during the 1700s, they renamed it Stone Street, a fitting name for the cobblestone-paved road.


Today, Stone Street enjoys a new life thanks to its status as a historic district. The road is open only to pedestrians, and restaurants put up outdoor seating tents when the weather permits.

For the food enthusiast, Stone Street is a must-see in New York City. The cobblestone street is lined with a variety of eateries, such as Stone Street Tavern, which boasts a hearty selection of craft beer and bar food.


Since it was after noon when we visited, I stopped in at the Financier Patisserie, a New York bakery that serves coffee and French pastries. I’m a sucker for a good macaron, and I must say, both the raspberry passionfruit and the hazelnut treats were a perfect consistency, and big enough to satisfy even my cravings.



All the bakers at this patisserie are trained in a classical French style. And even though it’s based in New York, several of them have received official French certification in the art of biscuit and pastry making.


But if French pastries aren’t your thing (you monster), you can try some old-fashioned pizza and antipasti at Adrienne’s Pizzabar, or sample some hard liquor at Vintry Wine & Whiskey. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find the perfect bite at historic Stone Street.

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